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Dogs in Harrisons motorhome hire

Harrison Motorhome hire and your pet

Your dog is part of the family and we understand that you want to take your dog on holiday with you and make happy memories and we understand also that thinking about putting your dogs in kennels can not just be stressful but also very expensive

Here we will guide you through some important things to consider to make sure that you and your pet/s have the best time in your Harrison’s motorhome travels.

It is important to book in advance

on any sites that you want to visit as any that welcome pets do tend to be popular and will be especially busy in peak times

Harrison's motorhome hire includes privilege membership

to the camping and caravanning club and they have over 60 dog friendly campsites and caravan parks across the country.

Keeping your pet safe

It is important that your pet is secure whilst the motorhome is moving so we recommend a cage or securing your pet with a harness which will fit into the ISOFIX points on the dining area seats.

Pet essentials

We know that you love your dog and that you are a responsible pet owner but don’t forget these essentials to make your pet friendly higher it is good for your pet as well as it is for you

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